Cynthia Vincent’s Good Taste

Ten years after launching Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, the designer is reflecting on possibilities for the future. “I can’t believe it’s been 10 years. It’s a nice achievement and a moment to stop and be grateful,” said Vincent. “Now I have to look at what I want to accomplish in the next 10.” To celebrate the milestone for fall ’13, she created an anniversary collection that revives past styles. “It took some digging through old archives to find best-sellers and most-requested items. I also spoke to people, customers, friends and family about what they wanted to see again,” she said. As for her favorite item from the 10-piece shoe collection, Vincent said she’s partial to the black Lisette pump. “There’s nothing else like it,” she noted, adding that another standout is a shoe with the edge outlined with leaf-like embroidery, which takes cues from the Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia. “People mistake the design as tribal, but it’s actually inspired by the Taiwanese culture.” To end the celebration, Vincent and her team, along with friends and family, will toast the past decade together later this year.

My unusual pets: “I came home from vacation in Tulum, [Mexico], and my former assistant had given my daughter two turtles as a gift. I not so happily inherited them, but now we love them. Their names are Constantine and Killer.”

I’m inspired by … “All tribes and nomads.”

Favorite shoe:
A tall gladiator shoe from 2006. “It gets a lot of wear.”

Maxi or mini? “Personally, maxi for its comfort, instant outfit and drama. I love the ease of it.”

Flats or heels?
“Please don’t make me choose.”

Summer plans:
“I’m taking the Zephyr train with my daughter up the coast of California to visit friends.”

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