Paris Shoe of the Day: Celine

For spring collections, Phoebe Philo likes to take a vacation from her usual strict codes and throw a few curve balls in the direction of her cultish followers. Indeed, this time last year, she caused Instagram hysteria by sending models down the runway in yellow fur pumps and heels with trompe l’oeil pedicures. They weren’t seen much in the real world afterward, but surprisingly, her fur-soled Birkenstock send-up was a retail hit. Undisputedly, what first appeared as a fashion joke kicked off the current craze for comfort sandals infused with luxe irony. Today’s version took it a step further with corset lacing and a new tread sole. They posed the question: If Philo already made comfort look cool, can she also make it seductive? The answer was a sure-footed yes.

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