What Shoppers Really Think of Sneaker Wedges

Shoppers sound off on brands that are ruling the trend.

Jane Smith, 29, Portland, Ore.
Wearing: Nike
Bought: At Nordstrom, 2 months ago
Why? “I saw them and thought they were cute. Normally, I think [sneaker wedges] are pretty ugly. I’m 5’2”, so I like them for the height.”
Will you buy another pair? “I don’t know.”
Will the trend last? “ I don’t really like the trend.”

Kate Bernardo, 30, Australia
Wearing: Isabel Marant
Bought: Online, 2 weeks ago
Why: “I thought they would be comfy.”
Will you buy another pair? “Probably not, although I’m happy with these.”
Will the trend last? “They’re a big trend now, but I don’t think the trend is going to last long.”

Marcia Shekerdemian, 49, London
Wearing: Ash
Bought: At Saks Fifth Avenue last week
Why? “I like the color, design and the style.”
Will you buy another pair? “No. I’m not a casual kind of a girl. And how many do you need?”
Will the trend last? “Yes.”

Rachael Coppola, 28, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Wearing: Nike
Bought: Last year at Urban Outfitters
“I liked that you couldn’t see where the wedge is but still can get a little height.”
Will you buy another? “Maybe. I like the black ones.”
Will the trend last? “I hope so.”

Lisa Garcia, 39, Queens, N.Y.

Wearing: Zara
Bought: A month ago, from Zara online
Why? “Because they’re different.”
Will you buy another? “No, I already have two black pairs.”

Shayna Hines, 28, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Wearing: Steve Madden
Bought: On Amazon.com, last month
Why? “I wanted the Isabel Marant ones but I didn’t want to spend that much money, so I did my research and found these, which look just like them.”
Will you buy another pair? “Yeah. They’re comfortable, but like any shoe, they get less comfortable as the day goes on.”
Will the trend last? “Yeah, I think it’ll last.”

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