Trimfoot Milestone: Tracing 100 Years

Over its long history, Trimfoot has navigated a changing marketplace with continuous reinvention and a focus on kids.

1913 —
J.B. Reinhard Sr. founds the company as Wizard Lightfoot & Appliance Co. in St. Louis, making insoles, arch supports and heel pads.

1927 — Company name formally changes to Trimfoot.

1935 — J.B. Reinhart Jr. joins his father at the firm.

1938 — Baby Deer branded infant shoes and children’s footwear launches.

1941 — Offices, manufacturing and warehousing moves to a 40,000-sq.-ft. facility in Farmington, Mo.

1948 — Trimfoot obtains license from Walt Disney Productions to produce character slippers.

1949 — Company is sold to a group of St. Louis investors.

J.B. Reinhard Sr. becomes chairman of the board, while J.B. Reinhart Jr. assumes the role of president.

1959 — Firm introduces Davy Crocket Indian moccasins, Bambi shoes and a Mickey Mouse collection.

1962 — The Wee Kids brand launches.

1963 — Trimfoot acquires Moran Shoe Co., including a manufacturing plant in Carlyle, Ill.

1968 — Endicott Johnson purchases the firm.

Larry Skaggs joins the company as a purchasing agent.

1969 — McDonough Co. buys out Endicott Johnson.

D.M. Epstein is appointed president of Trimfoot.

1972 — Company buys Creavy Creations, a manufacturer of infant sleepwear.

1973 — Trimfoot begins importing shoes from Hong Kong.

1974 — Skaggs leaves the firm to become regional sales manager of Talon Zipper Co.

1977 —
Working with retailers JCPenney and Montgomery Ward, Trimfoot launches the Select-a-Size program, a self-service fixture featuring color-coded sizing on packaging.

1981 — Trimfoot parent company McDonough Co. is sold to Hanson Industries.

Frank Figge replaces Epstein as president of Trimfoot.

Skaggs returns as a sales manager.

1981 — Licensing agreements are signed with Shirt Tales, Masters of the Universe and Rainbow Bright.

1982 — TrimKids division launches.

1983 — Construction begins on a 50,000-sq.-ft. warehouse in Farmington.

1985 — Company creates an import division.

Steve Stroup joins Trimfoot as a staff accountant.

1986 — Skaggs becomes president of the company.

1987 —
The factory in Carlyle, Ill., closes.

1990 — Walmart chooses Trimfoot to pilot its first electronic data interchange reorder system.

1992 — Baby Deer introduces new fixturing and point-of-sale displays.

1994 — Tim Corbet becomes president of Trimfoot after Skaggs takes a sabbatical to pursue other business opportunities.

1995 — After a demerger, a newly formed company called U.S. Industries assumes all Hanson Industries holdings, while Endicott Johnson is spun off and renamed EJ Footwear Corp.

1998 — Stroup becomes Trimfoot’s CFO.

1999 —
Trimfoot discontinues U.S. production and transitions into a total import business.

Company is purchased by Larry Skaggs and Joe Scott Jr.

Skaggs is named CEO, and Stroup is appointed SVP and GM.

2002 — Company adds a dance shoe division, including the Dance Class brand.

Trimfoot inks a sales and distribution agreement with BBC International to sell and market Disney footwear.

2007 —
Firm signs a distribution agreement to market and sell Mia Shoes.

2008 — Stroup is named president of Trimfoot.

2013 — Trimfoot returns some production back to the U.S. through a license agreement with Butler Boot.

Wendy Bellissimo taps the firm for footwear licensing deal.

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