Rachel Comey Collaborates with Camper

Rachel Comey believes in teamwork. The New York-based designer recently collaborated with Spanish fashion-comfort brand Camper on its Together project — an ongoing series of looks featuring the footwear creations of artists and industrial designers coming out this spring.

According to Eef Vicca, PR and communications manager for Camper, this is first time the company has partnered with a shoe designer. “We liked her approach, such as the subtle, handcrafted touches she uses,” she explained, adding that working with an American designer like Comey could help strengthen the brand’s connection with consumers stateside.

The single women’s sandal style designed by Comey is available in three colorways and features colorful hand embroidery on the vamp. It will retail for $170. “It’s a fun, playful, wearable sandal,” said Comey, noting the comfort-driven molded outsole. “Comfort is important to me. I’m based in [New York], so I’m [always] running around.”

Comey heads up her 12-year-old eponymous label, featuring shoes for both men and women, and she said she was eager to share her design ideas with Camper. “Shoes are super important to me,” she said. “It’s the first thing I do as a designer with my own collection. It sets the tone a lot of times for the rest of the [line].”

For Comey, working with Camper has also given her the opportunity to expand her manufacturing options. “It was very inspiring for me to have a lot of capabilities I didn’t have with my own line,” she said, citing molded outsoles as an example. “I play on the idea of industrial capabilities with a handcrafted [touch].”

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