New Quiksilver Head Talks Future

While he has yet to officially take the reigns of Quiksilver Inc., newly appointed President and CEO Andy Mooney said he is building on a strong foundation.

During an interview with Footwear News, Mooney said his first job when he assumes the new role on Jan. 11 would be to study the market and confer with the management team. “My first task here is to learn more about the business, visit the markets and get to know the management team in a little more depth,” he said.
Still, some of the challenges are clear. Mooney noted that since the company’s portfolio of brands, which includes Quiksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes, is so strong with core consumers, the goal is to expand outside that base in an authentic way.
“[Quiksilver] has tremendous worldwide appeal and strength in international markets,” he said. “They are continuing to grow even in very difficult economic environments, for example, in Europe. DC is similarly very well positioned with the core consumer. As is the case with all brands that are well positioned with the core consumer, the opportunity and the challenge is to grow beyond that core consumer while retaining your connection to [them].”
Still, Mooney said his executive experience at Disney Consumer Products and Nike have given him a unique skill set well matched to address Quiksilver’s challenges. “At Disney, I managed the entire footwear product [and apparel] product line management process,” he said. “I’m a product geek. I grew up in the bowels of the footwear product line management machine at Nike. A lot of that experience will hopefully be relevant here on the footwear side.”
Mooney said his experience managing Disney’s retail operations also would aid him in his new position, along with his experience with licensing.
“At the end of the day, it’s really about making killer product for very targeted consumer groups, and having great customer relationships,” he said.
Mooney most recently served as Disney Consumer Products’ chairman, following a 20-year term at Nike, where he held numerous executive positions, including chief marketing officer, founder of Nike’s equipment business and GM of Nike’s global apparel business.
He succeeds Bob McKnight, co-founder of the company and current CEO, who will assume the role of executive chairman.

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