Milestone: Top Retailers Sound Off

Top merchants weigh in on how the brand has contributed to their success over its 65 years.

Sam Sato
President & Chief Merchandising Officer, Finish Line Inc.

“I’d like to congratulate Puma on their 65th anniversary. We appreciate and admire Puma’s commitment to product innovation and the trend-right design we have experienced over the years with them. We look forward to continuing to build upon our great partnership.”

Isack Fadlon
Co-owner, Sportie LA

“They were one of the first brands we brought in in 1985. Ever since then, it’s been more than a business partnership. We feel with Puma there’s more of a family relationship. A lot of the same people have been there for many years, and we’ve built this bond with them that transcends business. Jay Piccola is just one of those leaders who sees business beyond just in terms of business. He values his partners, and it makes working with a brand like that much more fun, exciting and worthwhile.”

Greg Greenberg
President & GMM, Shoe City & YCMC.com

“Most brands focus on an activity — Puma focuses on footwear fashion for the day-to-day lifestyle. This concept ensures Puma as a staple brand or must-have shoe. Puma’s greatest strengths are found in the vault of retro product, mixed with their ability to tell a right-now story to a consumer that may or may not be aware of their heritage. The incorporation of relevant brand ambassadors and diverse product, [and] listening and reacting [are] also Puma’s strengths.”

Susan Boyle
Owner, Rime

“What I’m loving is that they’re embracing their women’s business. Being a female owner in a male-dominated sneaker world, it’s nice to see Puma embrace and go actively after fashionable, lifestyle kicks for women. Doing high-end Alexander McQueen, as well as moderate price points for the fashion-forward customer, they’re expanding on colors, fabrics and shapes to create an exciting time in the women’s sneaker business.”

Jay Gordon
Owner, Bodega

“Puma has been a great partner for us for collaborations, as well as supporting our independent initiatives. They have the feel of an independent brand and the strength of a market mover. It can be a pretty lethal combination if used correctly. Puma’s strengths lie in an ability to commit fully to a project. Whether it’s racing, sailing or running, you quickly get the impression that they are giving it their all, and it is a great thing to witness.”

Ken Hicks
Chairman & CEO, Foot Locker Inc.

“They are one of the top brands not only in athletic shoes but all apparel and shoes. We are proud to be a partner of Puma. They do a great job of mixing style with sport, and as a result, they add a very distinct look that sells in all our markets around the world.”

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