Milestone: Puma’s Famous Pals

The athletic firm has had its share of collaborators over the years. Here, Puma endorsers of past and present reveal why they linked up with the brand.

Salt “Clyde” Frazier
“It’s been a blessing to have a 40-year relationship with Puma. I’ve overcome trials, tribulations and tumultuous times financially in my life and yet still today the Puma ‘Clyde’ continues to thrive. I’m honored and humbled to represent the brand.”

Mihara Yasuhiro

“I was totally nameless to the world in 1999. By collaborating with Puma, there was a lot of exposure and people began to learn about Miharayasuhiro. It was very new, unique and fresh to partner up with one of the world’s largest sports brands, especially as I was so unknown. It was how I was able to present my own collection abroad.”

Ronnie Fieg

“Collaborating on the Disc with Puma has been one of the better experiences thus far. Their trust in me has meant a lot, and the creative freedom allowed me to redesign one of my favorite silhouettes [and have it] become very successful.”

Cordarrelle Patterson

“Puma is known as a fantastic sports-lifestyle label and as a phenomenal global brand across multiple sports. I believe my talents, combined with the Puma brand, can do great things. The possibilities are endless and I am excited to be part of such a far-reaching brand that operates as such a close-knit group.”

Jeff Staple

“Puma is a really great company. I go way back with people there, and they’re really core, authentic shoeheads. They definitely have an angle to sports that is very unique to them. They own that vernacular of not taking sports too seriously. They have fun with sports and they have a fashion angle to everything they do. I’ve been a fan of the brand forever.”

Usain Bolt
“I’ve been working with Puma since I was 16. They’ve supported me when I was relatively unknown, even during early injuries. Puma has been a great partner. We fit together. They get me and my approach to training and competing. We bring something different to the table. Obviously, there’s high performance, but we also make sure to have fun along the way.”

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