FN CEO Summit Day One: Power Pack

It is a power gathering like no other.

The FN CEO Summit welcomed a host of big names to the stage on Tuesday. Here are some excerpts from their presentations:

Stefani Greenfield, global creative consultant, The Jones Group Inc.:
“Every brand is defined by a story. Jones happens to have talented authors who are writing new chapters every day.”

Norman Jaskolka, president, Aldo Group International:
“We felt [international expansion] was necessary to grow our business. It has forced us to adapt product-wise and through brand development. Today, our customer is shopping differently. That’s our next transformation.”

Charlotte Olympia Dellal, CEO & creative director, Charlotte Olympia:
“Like many people, I started this business five years ago by myself, in my living room. Since then, there are two guiding principles I have used: Stay true to the brand in everything you do and surround yourself with the very best people.”

Diane Sullivan, president & CEO, Brown Shoe Co.:
“People take pride in the company, but are engaged and empowered by people. … Inspire people, feel good, live better.”

Alexandre Birman, creative director, Alexandre Birman; CEO, Arezzo & Co.:
“As a leader of a company you have to have intuition, but if you add strategic tools, it will help drive better numbers. The goal is to grow the company more than 20 percent over the next 10 years.”

Laure Heriard Dubreuil, founding partner & CEO, The Webster Miami:
“It’s important that a brand has a strong DNA — not logos everywhere, but that you can recognize that this comes from this designer. And I like timeless pieces that you can wear over and over, or give to your daughter or son.”

Richard Johnson, EVP & COO, Foot Locker Inc.:
“Social media has definitely made customer service more immediate. It also keeps us all on our toes to make sure we have great online engagement with our customers.”

Blake Krueger, chairman, CEO & president, Wolverine World Wide Inc.:
“When it came time to do the deal with Collective [Brands Inc.], fundamentally we were ready mentally, we were ready physically and we were ready to act on the opportunity.”

Isa Tapia, designer:
“If you have a point of view and brand yourself the right way as a designer, people will only look at the price after they’ve fallen in love with it. I look on the positive side that I’m getting both customers: the one who buys fast fashion and the one who buys luxury, so it’s a win-win.”

Charline De Luca, designer:
“‘Contemporary’ can be a dirty word if it’s assuming you don’t have a unique vision and that you are only a follower of more advanced brands. But that’s what we’re trying to change.”

Elizabeth Kanfer, senior fashion director of accessories, Saks Fifth Avenue:
“We feel the boundaries of price points are fading away with changing consumer behavior and online shopping.”

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