First Look at Carolinna Espinosa’s U.S. Debut

Carolinna Espinosa is ready to take on the U.S. market.

After launching in Asia and the Middle East, the 3-year-old brand is slated to hit the U.S. for fall ’13 with a 70-style collection, priced at $200 to $295 for shoes and $325 to $575 for boots.

Former Nine West COO Alan Luchette, who took over as CEO of Carolinna Espinosa in June 2012, said the label should stand out in the women’s market. “We’re getting great-quality materials from Italy, and [the line is] trendy and feminine and classic,” he said.

Luchette hired co-creative directors Gianni Velasche and Charles Amar to design the line. Velasche has worked for many high-end labels, including Sergio Rossi, Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton; Amar has created looks for Charles David, Nine West, Steve Madden and others.

“When I brought the two of these guys together, it made a really powerful combination,” Luchette said. “Gianni has a very classic design aesthetic, [and] Charlie Amar is more trendy. It’s the perfect combination.”

Next up, the brand could soon hit Europe. Luchette said he is in talks with a distributor to bring it to France.

The Designers
Charles Amar, former creative director for Charles David, Nine West and Steve Madden; and Gianni Velasche, former lead footwear designer for Sergio Rossi, YSL shoes and Louis Vuitton, serve as co-creative directors for the brand.

The Inspiration
“I thought there was a real white space in [which to bring] a quality brand with Italian materials with beautiful fashion [at this price point],” Luchette said. “It’s a beautiful, trendy, feminine, high-quality line.”

The Buzz
The line is currently being shown to key department stores in major markets throughout the U.S.

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