Execs Sound Off on Shoes on Sale

Supporters discuss the importance of FFANY Shoes on Sale.

Mike George
President & CEO, QVC

“One of the best parts of the gala is being able to spend time with the beneficiaries. When they talk about the importance of Shoes on Sale — especially in an environment of declining federal funding — it’s very powerful. [It’s all about] those relationships and getting that sense of how important this event is to so many people.”

Joe Moore
President & CEO, FFANY

“Shoes on Sale is important because of the heartfelt effort of the fashion footwear industry and support by QVC. What a great achievement to sell more than 100,000 pairs of shoes donated annually by FFANY members. As a result, during the past 20 years, FFANY has donated on behalf of the fashion footwear industry more than $41 million to breast cancer research. With hope, in the near future, there will be a breakthrough in finding the cure.”

Ron Fromm
Chairman, Brown Shoe Co.; incoming president, FFANY

“You certainly want to encourage others to continue to donate product and come to the event and celebrate what this industry is doing. It’s a celebration of hope for the research we’re doing, but it’s also a celebration of the industry and a tribute to what it’s doing. I go there to be a part of that celebration.”

Susan Itzkowitz
President, Marc Fisher Footwear

“Breast cancer claims the lives of so many individuals each year and affects countless family members and loved ones. We, as a company, are committed to raising funds for research in hopes of eradicating the disease in the near future. My favorite part of Shoes on Sale is seeing all the enthusiasm and commitment from the industry coming together to support a cause we really believe in. It makes me proud to be part of such a committed and caring industry.”

Phillip Vasyli
Founder, Vasyli LLC

“Breast cancer can affect us all through our partners, mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces, granddaughters, friends and co-workers. It is both inspiring and humbling to help fund research that brings us closer to finding a cure, as well as to assist with early detection for those who may not have awareness or access to care. Shoes on Sale is a phenomenal event in which footwear companies — many considered competitors — come together to honor those affected and share hope for a cure.”

Carol Goodhue
SVP of wholesale, Aerosoles

“Breast cancer is a women’s issue, and as a women’s shoe company, we feel this is a cause close to us in many ways. [Breast cancer] has affected the Aerosoles family closely with many of our employees, friends and family members having personal stories of how this disease has touched their lives. We know many of our customers have also dealt with this devastating illness, so we feel, as a company, it is important to support this cause.”

Mandy Cabot
CEO, Dansko Inc.

“[Shoes on Sale] provides the opportunity to reflect and, most important of all, celebrate life. Several women at Dansko have personal knowledge of what a diagnosis of breast cancer brings. A few years ago, it became even more personal for me when my younger sister received that diagnosis. Ongoing cancer research, supported through events such as Shoes on Sale, has raised awareness of the importance of early detection. It also has opened new, better and alternative treatments yielding increasingly better results, enabling more women, including my sister, to say they are survivors. And for that, I am very grateful.”

Yeardley Smith
CEO & designer, Marchez Vous LLC

“Shoes on Sale gives Marchez Vous an opportunity to help fight a terrible disease by doing what we do best: make beautiful, comfortable shoes. QVC brings the eyeballs; FFANY brings the footwear industry. And with a lot of love, some serious science, a dash of magic and wonderful events like Shoes on Sale, cancer doesn’t stand a chance.”

Rick Ausick
President, Famous Footwear

“The opportunity as an industry to get together and raise important funds to find a cure is important. As competitive as we are, we’re all after the same end result, and this event is bigger than [the business]. One of my favorite things [at Shoes on Sale] is watching people buy that day. The retailer in me likes to see what the first items are to be sold and watch that happen.”

Bob Goldman
CEO, Chinese Laundry

“Chinese Laundry has been participating with Shoes on Sale for more than 15 years and we feel it is important to give back to great fundraising events and charitable organizations. To be part of such an organization is very important to Chinese Laundry.”

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