Buzz: Fresh Feet Wipes, Pysis

Swell Smell
For every problem, there’s a solution — even dirty feet. Ann Malik, co-founder of Barrington, R.I.-based Jasmine Seven, has developed Fresh Feet Wipes, a collection of scented wipes that help defend against foot odors and germs. Launched 18 months ago, the brand offers a range of products for adults and children, including a canister of 40 all-natural peppermint wipes, retailing for $9; a twin-pack of anti-bacterial peppermint wipes for $2.50; and a re-sealable pack of 25 all-natural peppermint wipes, for $6. For children, a 10-wipe travel pack of grapefruit-scented antibacterial wipes retails for $4. To date, the wipes have been picked up by select Walmart stores, in addition to athletic specialty shops and yoga studios. Malik is now in the process of expanding her offering with kid-friendly shoehorns in fun colors and graphics, slated to launch this month for $4. An adult version is set to follow.

Splish Splash
Cassandra Droogan just debuted Pysis (pronounced like the zodiac water sign Pisces), a versatile over-the-shoe boot. For her take on the iconic galosh, she created a waterproof look that fits over a variety of shoes, including high heels. The single knee-high style is available in black and retails for $220. Distribution is targeted to upscale department stores and boutiques. The boot is available for immediate delivery through Pysis.com.

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