Allen Edmonds Adds Apparel, Accessories

Men’s shoe manufacturer Allen Edmonds Corp. is stepping into the apparel and accessories business.

The Port Washington, Wis.-based company plans to launch a curated clothing and leather goods line. The collection, which will be sold exclusively through its retail stores and e-commerce site, will be produced in the U.S.

According to President and CEO Paul Grangaard, “This is all about great American styling combined with American manufacturing authenticity.”

By producing here in the U.S., Allen Edmonds estimates the lifestyle products have helped create more than 200 jobs across various American garment, leather and accessories manufacturers.

“We’re investing in manufacturers who share our commitment to American-made quality and U.S. jobs,” said Grangaard.

The newly created positions round out the more than 280 manufacturing jobs added at Allen Edmonds over the last two years.

“The creation of so many new American jobs has been one of the most gratifying parts of the success that we’ve had at Allen Edmonds over the last few years,” noted Grangaard. “‘Made in America’ means a lot to our customer and to us. Now we’re taking that strategy in new directions.”

Sport coats, shirts, leather bags, briefcases, socks and ties are expected to be in the new collections.

In some cases, however, iconic pieces will be produced abroad. For instance, spring-sheared alpaca sweaters will be made in Peru, and items such as tartan caps and woven scarves will be manufactured in Scotland.

“Our goal is to source exciting products from partners who share our same commitment to excellence and are able to craft the high-quality products our customers have come to expect,” added Tim Cronin, SVP of new product development.

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