Tyler Glenn’s Good Taste

Tyler Glenn knows how to get people talking.

The lead singer of the band Neon Trees has turned heads with his quirky sense of style, which is inspired by his love of punk rock.

“Punk music was my first love ever since I was a teenager, and I’ve always reflected that in how I dress,” Glenn said, adding that his look is a mix of punk and goth with his own twist. “I’m a man of all seasons.”

His band’s look (and sound) caught the attention of footwear mogul Steve Madden, who called upon the Neon Trees to close out his summer music concert series this summer.

“Madden was the first fashion-centered business that reached out to us when we started coming on the scene,” Glenn said. “It felt right to be able to work with them.”

Here, the rocker talks about his favorite on-stage memory, past Halloween costumes and his affinity for Paula Abdul.

Most memorable stage moment:
“I fell off the stage into the crowd once and broke my front teeth. I got up two minutes later and finished the set with my mouth bleeding.”

Musician I’d love to meet dead or alive:
“I think I’d be too scared to meet any of the icons. Maybe someone like Cyndi Lauper because I feel like she’d be a cool hang. I look up to her, but I wouldn’t be too intimidated.”

Favorite Halloween costume:
“I was a bat one year and literally put black tar on my face. I looked intense and it was the worst to clean up. I also played a show that night and there was black tar everywhere. I think there’s still some black on the keyboards. This year, I think I’m going to play it cool and be less scary. I might be David Bowie or something.”

Guiltiest pleasure:
Paula Abdul’s “Spellbound” album. “It’s a guilty pleasure and I love it. I still bring it out now and then.”

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