Two Ten Begins Hurricane Isaac Relief

Two Ten Footwear Foundation is springing to action in the wake of Hurricane Isaac.
According to Kate Alley, Two Ten’s manager of social services, the organization has already begun to receive requests for aid from those affected by the severe weather storm.
“As of mid-day [Thursday], Two Ten received 13 calls for help from families without power or water in the Louisiana and Mississippi region,” Alley said. “To add to this hardship, our callers also face uncertainty on when they can return to work.”
Disaster relief resources available through Two Ten include food, short-term housing supplies and clothing. In addition, the organization also is able to provide financial assistance and counseling to eligible members.
Two Ten President Neal Newman said the foundation plans to provide assistance to those impacted as early as Friday. The organization also is actively helping those in need get in touch with local relief groups.
“During times like this, Two Ten unites the industry and provides a safety net,” Newman said. “We are also helping footwear families find assistance from organizations like the Red Cross, Salvation Army, FEMA or other local agencies.”

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