Marcus Troy’s Good Taste

Marcus Troy is more than a blogger.

Aside from sharing his personal view on fashion on Marcustroy.com, the Montreal-based tastemaker has also been tapped by such brands as Puma, Sebago and DC Shoes for digital projects. Troy also has brought other bloggers into the mix.

And this week, for Project New York, he gathered nine of his friends to participate in the Blogger Project, a select group that will create content from the trade show floor.

Here, Troy shares his favorite shopping spot in the Big Apple and what he never travels without.

Least favorite men’s trend:
“The Americana trend, where everyone looks like a woodsman or like they’re going on a camping trip.”

Favorite New York shop:
Dunderdon Store. “It’s a brand that’s really slept on. And I like the fit of their pants.”

I never leave home without …
Blackberry, iPhone and Mophie phone charger. “When I’m traveling I take a lot of pictures on my iPhone. My battery tends to die so my Mophie iPhone charger has saved me on many trips.”

Best getaway spot:
“I don’t get away often, but my favorite is definitely Tokyo. It’s a beautiful city. There are a lot of great things to see, and it’s a great place to go shopping.”

Last pair of sneakers I bought:
Nike HTM Flyknits. “They’re really lightweight and comfortable. I saw they’re going on eBay now for, like, $1,000.”

Guiltiest pleasure:
“Anything chocolate. It’s my weakness.”

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