James Bond’s Good Taste

He’s no secret agent, but James Bond does like to play things close to the vest. The designer and almost reclusive co-founder of Los Angeles-based retailer Undefeated said he prefers working on collaborations with brands like Cole Haan and Adidas Originals over being in the spotlight. His latest project — a revamped makeup of the Converse Pro Leather and Star Player models — hit select Foot Locker locations this spring. Bond also has his eyes set on following that sneaker chain’s blueprint to expand his own retail business. “That’s where we all started buying our sneakers,” Bond said. “We’ve always looked at Foot Locker as an alternative to Undefeated, but we’ve always aspired to be like a Foot Locker.” Here, the elusive Bond shares his favorite L.A. dining haunt, music choices and his secret late-night indulgence.

Best L.A. restaurant:
Escuela. “A friend of mine, Steven Arroyo, owns it and he’s a really great restaurateur. Great style and great food.”

Most memorable sports moment:
“A lot of my friends are professional athletes, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of access that they have, like walking in and out of the player tunnels or traveling with David Beckham to [play against] AC Milan. I’ve had a lot of great sports moments.”

Last song played on my iPod:
“I listen to a lot of different things. My daughter is really into soul music and R&B like Mary J. Blige and Teena Marie. My son is more into punk rock like Mastodon and Extreme, so I’m kind of in between the two. Most of the time, I’m listening to sports radio or Howard Stern.”

Guiltiest pleasure:
Mini Snickers candy bars. “I usually have some every night by myself. I put several bags in the freezer at a time.”

Actor that would play me in a movie:
Sean Penn. “He was Spicoli [in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”], the most ultimate guy of all time. I love that.”

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