Isaac Mizrahi’s Good Taste

The designer is in rebuilding mode. Not only is Isaac Mizrahi renovating his apartment, he also recently inked new licenses for innerwear, infant apparel and other categories, to be sold under the Isaac Mizrahi New York label, acquired last September by Xcel Brands Inc. for $31.5 million. And his new shoe line, produced by Marc Fisher Footwear, bows at FFANY later this week. Mizrahi, who serves as chief designer, is eager to espouse the virtues of the single sole. “My best shoes were always ones that felt classic and womanly, like shoes and not like bread boxes. The line we’re preparing feels like that. There are not a lot of platforms,” he said. A self-confessed TV junkie, Mizrahi also can be seen on the small screen as one of the judges for Lifetime’s “Project Runway All Stars.” On the show, footwear provided by Neiman Marcus almost overshadowed the contestants, the designer said. “The shoes were very good. They sometimes took the spotlight away from the clothes.”

Guiltiest pleasure:
“I gave up smoking 10 years ago, so nowadays [my guilty pleasure] is when I do a bit of cooking. I’m good at everything, even baking.”

Must-watch reality show:

‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.’ I’m mesmerized by the way they look and what seem to be their priorities [in life].

Favorite scent of all time:
“Lanvin’s Arpège. But I don’t wear it because it’s a woman’s scent.”

Despised fashion trend:

“I wish the one-shoulder [look] would go away. What, have we reverted to caveman times?”

Most embarrassing obsession:
“Four to five nights a week I watch hours and hours of TV. And since I discovered how to use a DVR, there’s no stopping me.”

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