FN Spy: Summer Olympics Edition

Dream Chasing
The U.S. men’s basketball team officially begins its road to the gold on Sunday, and former players weighed in on how this year’s lineup stacks up against the 1992 “Dream Team.” “This team is good, but they couldn’t mess with us,” said Patrick Ewing, of his former Olympic winning team. But baller Deron Williams said his Team USA squad could have a fighting chance — and that they have youth on their side. ““We could probably beat them right now,” Williams joked. His teammate Carmelo Anthony said settling the debate may be impossible. “I’d love to bring those guys back in time and play against them,” Anthony said. “But it’s never going to happen.”

London’s Lure
Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer may have a hectic travel schedule, but he’s making sure he has downtime to check out some of the Olympics. “I’m really looking forward to the opening ceremony on Friday,” Hainer said, adding that he’ll be in and out of London during the Games. “For the last three or four days of my London trip, I’m mainly interested in seeing track and field,” the CEO told Spy. Also on the exec’s itinerary: beach volleyball and basketball.

Camp Time
New Balance is setting up shop for the Olympics. The athletic company, which will have 37 athletes represent it at the Games, is debuting a private event space in London called The New Balance Experience Center. Furniture inside the loft space, located in the city’s Millbank Tower, was designed by students of London’s Kingston University School of Art and made of scrap materials from the firm’s Flimby, England, shoe factory. An event will be held at the center on Aug. 6 to celebrate New Balance’s 30th anniversary of manufacturing shoes in the United Kingdom, and the space will be open to the public throughout the Olympics.

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