FN Spy: Shoeing ‘Portlandia’… Vibram at the Globes

Oregon Trail
The quirky Oregonians portrayed by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein on “Portlandia” aren’t exactly known for their sophisticated fashion (think plaid shirts and even a pair of leather chaps), but the footwear is still a hit. Wardrobe stylist Amanda Needham, who won an Emmy for the IFC show’s costume design last year, said shoes are especially important to rounding out the characters’ personalities. “For some of the characters, I started with the shoe to create the whole look,” she said. “For example, the feminist bookstore ladies, [Toni and Candice], were built from the Birkenstock up.” Teva, Dansko and Converse are other shoe mainstays in the second season, she added. And as for major footwear moments, Armisen often plays female characters, so “anytime we put Fred in big crazy heels, it’s a ‘moment,’” the stylist said.

Shoe Spotting
Chris Burch wants to make a statement with his shoes — literally. The C. Wonder owner and fashion entrepreneur, who was a panelist at last week’s Financo event, sported a custom-made pair of velvet smoking slippers inscribed with “HE” on one shoe and “ART” on the other, spelling “heart.” … And Kate Beckinsale also had a literal moment when she decided to actually walk in another man’s shoes. The star was on “Conan” last week with comedian and writer Stephen Merchant when he shared a story about a woman dancing in his shoes. Beckinsale decided she also wanted the chance and stepped into his loafers on air.

Fashion Statement

Up-and-coming actress Shailene Woodley already knows how to stand out in the crowd. After wearing shoes by Tabitha Simmons at the Golden Globe Awards, Woodley — who stars opposite George Clooney in “The Descendants” — decided to forgo the high heels for a more casual look at an after party. The actress was spotted in a pair of Vibram FiveFingers, which peeked out beneath her floor-length black dress. Ever since, the brand has been hearing praises via Facebook and Twitter. “It takes some courage to step out on a red carpet without a pair of heels, but our fans are known to be risk takers and leaders,” said Vibram marketing manager Georgia Shaw. “We wouldn’t expect anything less.”

Dance Moves
Christian Louboutin is hitting the cabaret scene. The designer will add his red-hot touch to the “Crazy Horse” production in Paris, as a guest creator. Louboutin has drawn up four different sketches focusing on the “feminine form.” Former guests of the show have included Dita Von Teese and Pamela Anderson, so will some familiar faces return? Only time will tell. The show debuts in March and runs through May.

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