Designers Talk Social Media at FN Platform

Designers kept FN Platform abuzz on Tuesday.

Speaking to a group of fashion bloggers, Coye Nokes and Marchez Vous’ Yeardley Smith discussed the importance of social media, their own personal style and lessons learned.

Both Nokes and Smith are regular users of multiple social media platforms, personally overseeing the content for their brands. The designers said they have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

“You do everything and see what else starts up and do that, too,” said Nokes, who debuted her namesake line in 2009. “The exciting thing is the power it has.”

Smith, whose brand debuted in 2011, posts regular features on the label’s Facebook page called “Fashion Friday,” showing mostly looks worn by her; “Mad Wednesday,” featuring street style in her home base of Los Angeles; and “Ask Yeardley a Question.” “I love to connect with the customers,” said Smith, who is best known as the voice of Lisa Simpson on “The Simpsons.”

When it comes to their own looks, the designers had specific slants.

“I’m very girly,” Smith said, pointing out the polka-dot wedges she was wearing as an example. “I bedazzled them with hot glue and 15-cent flowers from the [craft store].”

Nokes, too, gestured to her footwear, saying, “I’m more of an accessories girl. I like chunky hardware on my shoes.”

Talk turned more serious when the pair discussed lessons learned from their experience in the industry. Smith said she strives to differentiate her brand from the rest. In fact, this has not always been smooth sailing. Originally called Marchez Vous YS, the brand recently dropped the “YS” when Yves Saint Laurent claimed it was a violation its trademark, according to Smith. Now, the designer has adopted new branding for the soles of her shoes and shoeboxes: XO Yeardley.

For Nokes, the lesson has been one of perseverance. “Don’t discard that desire to learn,” she said. “It will take you a long way.”

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