Alex Corporan’s Good Taste

Alex Corporan is having a busy summer.

The skater, who has consulted for brands such as The Hundreds and Levis, has reunited with Airwalk on its summer marketing campaign.

“I used to skate for Airwalk in the late 1980s and early ’90s,” Corporan said. “Now I am back again. It’s pretty interesting that we’ve come full circle.”

Corporan handpicked a few up-and-coming skaters to be featured in the brand’s documentary, “Already Famous,” about the New York City skate scene. The film will be released this fall.

Here, the New York native shares where he likes to get away and his least favorite skateboarding memory.

Worst spill on a skateboard:
Broken elbow. “I don’t have a straight left elbow anymore. I tried to do a jump down a handrail and popped my elbow out. My friend, who was with me, told me not to look at my arm, and of course, I looked down at it. An ambulance came and shot me up with drugs, so I was fine.”

Favorite vacation spot:
Rincon, Puerto Rico. “The beaches are amazing and they’re easy to get to. My second love is Australia. It’s always nice out there.”

Guiltiest pleasure:
“Drinking vodka on the rocks.”

Actor who would play me in a movie:
“I’ve been called Denzel Washington’s doppelganger forever.”

Last piece of clothing I bought:
“I had to go to a wedding and I needed a suit, so I just got one from Uniqlo. It fits beautifully. It’s not too boxy and it’s form fitting.”

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