Alejandro Ingelmo’s Passion for CrossFit

For Alejandro Ingelmo, the motivation and discipline behind an intense workout and the laser focus required for designing high-end men’s and women’s footwear collections go hand in hand.
“I’m always pushing myself when I work — to design new things and come up with solutions and [fresh] ideas,” Ingelmo said. “Then it’s not mediocre work, and I know I’ve done my best.”
He discovered CrossFit, a core-strengthening program and competitive sport that combines short, varied workouts from weight lifting to sprinting, through a friend about six months ago.
“I love it,” the designer added. “It’s challenging because you can do a different workout every day, and you don’t get bored. It [incorporates] a lot of exercises using your own body weight, so there’s a logic behind it.”

Another CrossFit benefit is the ability to take the routines on the road. That’s a big draw for Ingelmo, who travels on a regular basis, designing and promoting his eponymous shoe label. “As long as you have a stopwatch and you time yourself, you can do it on the floor of your hotel room if you want,” he said, adding that the sport is an important outlet for him. “It’s kind of my therapy. It keeps me sane.”

The designer even recently competed in his first CrossFit Challenge in Pennsylvania, which required climbing a mountain in the afternoon heat.
Athletic looks also are making their way into Ingelmo’s eponymous footwear styles. Though he has always done sneakers, he is currently developing a lightweight men’s running shoe, which is projected to hit retail within the next year or two. (The designer also plans to create a women’s version later on.)

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