Skechers Heads Back to the Super Bowl

Skechers has a new front man.

The Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based brand announced it has tapped billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the reigning NBA champion, the Dallas Mavericks, to endorse Skechers GoRun product.

Cuban will be featured in the brand’s third consecutive Super Bowl commercial, which will air during the two-minute warning of the game’s first half. Previous Skechers Super Bowl ads have featured Kim Kardashian and Joe Montana.

The spot will star Mark Cuban and a French bulldog running in a pair of GoRun sneakers in a race.

“Success in the Super Bowl advertising world is dependent upon one of two things: either being sexy, which we did last year with Kim Kardashian’s ‘Break Up’ spot, or being humorous,” Skechers fitness president Leonard Armato said in written statement. “You’ll see that by partnering with Mark in this spot we are focusing on humor and embracing our position as an underdog.”

In addition to owning the Mavericks, Cuban is known for competing on the fifth season of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” and hosting reality game show “Shark Tank,” which airs later this month.

The billionaire also has agreed to participate in Skechers’ other broadcast, print and online marketing campaigns for the Skechers GoRun sneakers.

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