PV Footwear Relaunches Very Volatile

Bodo Loerke is attempting to perform some footwear magic.

The creative director for PV Footwear next week will relaunch the Very Volatile juniors’ collection at FN Platform with an upscale look and improved quality and materials while keeping wholesale prices steady.

“We used to have a lot of synthetic uppers,” he said. “Now we want to go after department stores, and that means you have to have better quality. We’re upscaling the look of everything, from the materials and styles to the logo and advertising. ”

The line retails for $79 to $119, with fall looks going as high as $159.

Loerke said the revamped collection features a more European sensibility while keeping comfort features that have always been a part of the line. “This is more avant-garde with a touch of comfort, such as shoes with memory-foam footbeds,” he said. “We’re really trying to address high-end designer trends for the juniors’ customer at a price [they] can afford.”

After selling his Rough Justice label to Signature Fashion Group, Loerke joined PV last December.

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