Media Bank: Famous Footwear Rocks Out & More

School Spirit
Famous Footwear is heading back to school. The retailer, owned by Brown Shoe Co., will kick off its Rock Your School contest next month, giving high schools nationwide the chance to nominate their campuses for a cash prize. Starting Aug. 5, high school students and parents can enter their schools by submitting a short summary on how they would use the winning funds, $75,000, for a “dream transformation project” on campus. The winning entrant, announced on Oct. 21, will receive an additional $25,000 to go toward the project of the school’s choosing. “[This contest, sponsored by Converse,] unites the student body, their parents and faculty to help support their school. We hope to see hundreds of high schools across the country enter and rally together in an effort to score a big victory for their school,” said Will Smith, SVP of retail marketing for Famous Footwear. “At the same time, it increases awareness that Famous Footwear has the right brands at the right price for their back-to-school needs.”

Games Time
Vibram FiveFingers is getting in on the Olympic spirit. The company rolled out its newest campaign this week, appearing on the sides of buses in Central London. The ads will run for four weeks during the event, which kicks off on Friday.

Tunnel Vision
Palladium is headed underground. For the next edition of its urban exploration series, the boot brand commissioned a documentary about the hidden tunnels of Las Vegas. “We always aim to take what people know about a city and turn it on its belly,” said Barney Waters, Palladium’s VP of marketing. Full details about the film’s release are not yet available, but consumers can get a sneak peek when the trailer hits the brand’s website on Aug. 15.

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