Le Chameau Close to Being Sold

Le Chameau might soon have a new home.
London-based Marwyn Management Partners announced it has entered into exclusive negotiations to acquire the high-end rubber boots and apparel brand from French-based company Lafuma.
“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to acquire Le Chameau,” Mark Watts, executive director if MMP, said in a statement. “We look forward to progressing the transaction to completion in the coming weeks and then helping to grow the business and develop it as a truly international luxury brand.”
MMP estimates that a sale and purchase agreement may be concluded within the next four to six weeks.
Laurie Aronson, owner of Le Chameau’s exclusive U.S. distributor Lipsey’s Distribution, said she hopes the pending deal will help strengthen brand positioning in the States. “If anything, this deal will give the brand more financial backing,” Aronson said. “[MMP] is a large firm that can invest more money in growth in the U.S., where a lot of opportunity lies.”
Aronson added that she was told by European management that all workers in the factories and Paris headquarters will remain to ensure a smooth transition.

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