Footwear Trends at Capsule

This spring, expect a color explosion in the men’s footwear market. Buyers attending this week’s Capsule show in New York told Footwear News that bright pops of color will be among the top three trends. And such traditional looks as wingtips and moccasins will be among the leading silhouettes. Here, retailers offer their picks for the season.

Steve Jamison
Owner, Blue Sole Shoes, Philadelphia
1. Brogues
2. Color
3. Saddle styles
Overview: “Retro English styles are a big trend for older and younger guys. It’s hip for the young guys, and the older guys already know [them].”

Erika Vala
Owner, Shoe Market, Brooklyn, N.Y.
1. Colored bottoms
2. Brightly colored uppers
3. Lightweight sneakers
Overview: “Bright colors are [key] for men. They’ll wear them this time [around]. They’re ready for it.”

Susan Boyle
Owner, Rime, Brooklyn, N.Y.
1. Colored soles
2. Wingtips
3. Classics — big brands are going back to their roots
Overview: “Footwear is now driving apparel. It used to be the reverse. We carry Opening Ceremony by Adidas apparel that goes back to the footwear. There are florals on the tongue or bottoms that correspond to the clothing [motifs].”

Brian Simpson
Owner, East and West, St. Louis
1. Loafers and moccasins
2. Casual leather slip-ons
3. Colored uppers and soles
Overview: “A lot of people are going two ways — back to the classics [with] leather [laceups] and slip-ons. And on the more casual side, there are pops of color.”  

Frederico Barassi
Menswear buyer, Ssense, Montreal
1. Pops of color
2. Brogues
3. Espadrilles
Overview: “Men [will be] using dress suit pieces with more casual items, such as sneakers with a jacket, tank top and white slim pants.”

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