City Sports Chief Steps Down

After 22 years at City Sports, President and CEO Jeff Connor is stepping down from the helm of the company.  

Connor announced his resignation from the Boston-based firm on Thursday. He was appointed CEO in December 2008.

“After 22 rewarding years as part of the City Sports team, it’s time for me to make a change,” Connor said in a statement. “At this juncture, it’s best for City Sports to make room for a new perspective. I have enjoyed being part of the company’s tremendous growth and success over the past two decades.”

CFO Jim Kessler will fill the role until a replacement is hired. Kessler was placed in this position under the direction of Chairman Tom Stemberg of Highland Capital.

“Following a busy and expansive year for City Sports, Highland Capital looks forward to building on the brand’s strategic direction,” Stemberg said in a statement.

City Sports will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year, after opening five new retail locations in 2012.

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