Adidas Fetes White Space Project

Adidas is going blank.

As part of its latest campaign targeted at women, dubbed the “Originals White Space Project”, the Herzogenaurach, Germany- based company is holding events in nine cities across the world for consumers to showcase their creativity through May 15. On Tuesday night, the brand held the New York portion of the campaign at the Adidas Originals store in Soho, where guests were invited to customize plain white trefoil tees with decorations such as crystal, studs and grommets.

Accessories designers and twin sisters Corianna and Brianna Dotson, also known as “Coco and Breezy,” were also on hand, putting their personal spin on product.  “We’re here to help the ladies customize their shirts, like how we do with our eyewear,” said Coco. “We want to show the ladies that they can take sportswear and make it fashionable.”

The party also included an acoustic performance from Malaysian singer Yuna, whose debut album released this week. Prior to the event, the brand released an online video featuring Yuna and Coco and Breezy on the internet, which the musician was surprised to be a included in.

“I thought I was just going to perform, but then I found out I was actually going to be a part of the [online campaign] with Coco and Breezy,” Yuna said. “It’s an amazing opportunity for me to promote my music and I think Adidas sends out a really positive message to all the girls out there.”
Breezy added that being a part of the campaign was the perfect alliance for her and her twin’s own brand. “Their campaign is for creative and strong women, which is what Coco and I represent,” she said.

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