3 Questions for Footzyrolls’ Jenifer and Sarah Caplan

Jenifer and Sarah Caplan are working to keep the foldable footwear category fresh.

Since launching their line, appropriately called Footyzrolls, three years ago, the sisters continue to ramp up their offering with Footzyfolds by Footzyrolls.

“We introduce something new every season,” said Jenifer. “For fall, we have an entirely new, expanded line with different silhouettes, but we are also launching a children’s line [and] very cool fur-trimmed boot socks.”

The duo said expanding the brand’s reach through additional categories is key to its success.

“They add dimension to [our] concept,” Sarah said of the added styles. “They still fold up but they look amazing straight on as well. They perform effortlessly and the level of quality and style rival others despite the more affordable price.”

Here, the Caplan sisters tell Footwear News how they rise above in a growing market.

How do you differentiate your brand from others in the category?
JC: Superior design and quality. Our shoes are more than a quick fix. They perform all day as comfortable, stylish flats and are still easy to take on and off at the right moment.

How do you keep reinventing the foldable flats each season?
SC: We started with a basic style ballerina that is cute and performs a function. We keep innovating the design and the function [by] adding new soles, fabrications [and] designs — like a simple ballet flat, sexier cuts, loafers and boots with amazing embellishments.

What can you say about how quickly your brand has evolved?
JC: We are into our third year, and we maintain a competitive advantage, as we are not static by nature. We always want to offer women new styles and upgraded materials. We started a new category to address a real need, [and] there are so many ways to expand.

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