3 Questions for Avril Lavigne

Abbey Dawn is rocking its way into a third season of footwear.

And creative director Avril Lavigne said the brand’s rock ’n’ roll look — complete with chains and spikes — is right on trend.

“Studs are accepted more than ever, and we’ve already been playing with skulls and studs for years,” said the singer. “Brands like Christian Louboutin are using studs.”

Now Lavigne is gearing up for Abbey Dawn’s show at New York Fashion Week, where Kylie Jenner will again walk the runway sporting the gear. “It’s a massive deal for me. To see the full collection at Fashion Week is really cool,” said Lavigne. “And Kylie is the edgy one [in the Kardashian family]. I really like her.” (Lavigne was previously romantically linked with Brody Jenner, but recently announced her engagement to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger.)

Outside of her footwear line, which is produced in the U.S. by San Diego-based firm Blank Generation, Lavigne said she recently finished recording her latest album and will go on tour next year.

Here, Lavigne sounds off on Abbey Dawn’s changing consumer and her favorite travel spots.

1. How do you plan to expand your lifestyle brand?
It’s cool because there are now ballet flats, boots and heels. [The footwear] is exactly where I would want it to be. And I’m excited that we have so many more dresses now and swimsuits.

2. Where is your latest source of design inspiration?
When I go to Japan, I do some major shopping. The fashion is completely different. I get a lot of fun ideas, and our team talks about what the trend is and what the [footwear] styles should be. We rock it out.

3. Who is the Abbey Dawn consumer?
Initially, the brand started out as a juniors’ line at Kohl’s, but now it’s at a bit of a higher price point. It’s a lot cooler and better quality. It’s geared toward an older age group now, but juniors can still wear it. There are fun, bright colors, and we are making a bold statement. That’s what Abbey Dawn is about — any girl who wants to express herself and be edgy.

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