Retail Guide: Steve Madden’s NY Picks

Born in Far Rockaway, Queens, and raised in Nassau County, designer Steve Madden knows a thing or two about great places to go in Manhattan. From the best coffee to his escape from busy city streets, Madden shares his favorite spots. 5. No. 1 escape from the urban jungle: Equinox on Lexington. “I lift weights, [but] no cardio.”

1. Best nature:
Central Park. “I like to go right off Fifth Avenue because I’m really lazy. I don’t want to walk too far.”

6. Best book to read in the park:
“Fab” about Paul McCartney. “I’m reading my 18th book about The Beatles.”

2. Favorite club:
Perry Street. “I meet interesting people and it’s really cool.”

4. Best coffee shop:
Neil’s on Lexington. “I get the ham and eggs over easy with coffee.”

3. Great sweets:
Hot & Crusty. “I get strawberry shortcake. They’re always really nice. They give my little boy cookies.”

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