Melanie Fiona’s Good Taste

The Grammy-nominated songstress may be climbing the Billboard charts with her soulful ballads, but Melanie Fiona is also a rising fashionista. The R&B singer’s love for shoes made her a perfect match for Steve Madden’s music series last month, and her unique sense of style got her a gig as the face of Rocawear’s national ad campaigns. “I love shoes, so it was only fitting that I would hook up with a shoe company,” Fiona said of her alliance with Steve Madden. On the music front, she’s prepping the release of her sophomore album, “The MF Life,” for a winter release. Here, the budding vocalist talks about partying with Prince and her dream getaway.

Personal style:
“I’m a big fan of colors reflecting my mood and things like that. Bright colors reflect my happy mood. I’m a little Boho, a little rock and a little 1970s inspired.”

The music artist, alive or dead, you’d like to meet:
Bob Marley. “He’s a legend. I would just love to be in his mind, find out what’s going on.”

Dream vacation:
“My dream vacation would be going to Fiji and leaving my cell phone and work behind.”

Last artist you played on your iPod:
Amy Winehouse

Favorite device:
Macbook Air. “Best investment I ever made. It’s super-light, it has everything I need, I can talk on it like a phone and I can use my Skype.”

Best party you’ve ever been to:
“It was during the Grammys. I went over to something that I thought was just going to be drinks, and it turned out to be Prince’s private party. So I got to party with Prince.”

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