Reaction to Lady Gaga’s Censored Shoes

Fox may have had to censor Lady Gaga’s X-rated heels on Wednesday’s “American Idol,” but the folks behind the phallic pumps have confirmed that sex does indeed sell.

London-based brand Void of Course reported an uptick in business after Gaga donned its sky-high Lucite, platform booties to coach the remaining four contestants.

“We have been getting a lot of emails about the shoes, and that attention is spreading people’s interest to the rest of our work,” said designers Chris Sutton and Sean Moran via email. “It was an amazing surprise.”

Though they don’t consider the shoes offensive, Sutton and Moran admitted they’re not shocked by Fox’s reaction.

“[We] understand they have regulations … and see their point of view,” they said, noting they had no idea the pop superstar would wear the controversial style from their fall ’11 collection on the show. Nonetheless, the duo said they were grateful to Lady Gaga for choosing their designs. “We are honored to have her wear our [shoes]. Not many people take risks on young designers.”

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