New App Targets Sneakerheads

TodaysKicks wants to know what you’re wearing — but the new mobile app has plans to expand even further.

Released last month, TodaysKicks, developed by a group of Internet entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, takes the popular “#todayskicks” hashtag from Facebook and pipes it into a dedicated app that showcases users’ sneakers and their sneaker inspirations, and lets them share their favorite hot looks with their friends.

The free app, which went live on iTunes in early October, has seen “a couple thousand” downloads to date, with the U.S. and Japan dominating, according to co-founder Amanda Peyton. And the team, which includes her mobile blog site MessageParty cofounder Jason Gavris, former Zappos exec Brian Kalma, Techstars designer Rebecca Zhou, First Round Capital venture capitalist Phineas Barnes and Foursquare’s Eric Friedman, thinks the app can help connect passionate sneakerheads with retailers, brands and each other.

“We were all inspired by what’s happening in the social space, and we’re all passionate about shoes and sneakers,” Kalma said. “We wanted to mash them up in a way that can resonate with others who share the passion.”

Now, on both the app and Todayskicks.com, user photos from Twitter tagged with #todayskicks are displayed in a constantly updating feed. Users can connect their own Twitter accounts to upload pictures as well as retweet and styles they like. But according to Peyton, e-commerce will be the next focus.

Going forward, she said, “a lot of it is going to be building the community with the ability to share and comment — and then additionally, we’ll work with a bunch of retailers to build out a commerce channel and engage the bigger brands in one-off promotions.”

And building up the interactivity will be key as well, she said — so engaging users in contests, photo sharing and more will be key.

“What I love about sneakers is that it sits at this perfect intersection between media, entertainment and commerce, and we want to work all three of those elements,” she said.

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