Milestone: Vendors Sound Off on Sportie’s Success

“Sportie LA is that anomaly that no one in this business can explain or replicate. The heart of Los Angeles sneaker culture is located inside Sportie LA. And Isack might be the nicest, craziest, smartest, most approachable icon in the footwear industry. He’s an instant good time.”
— Robert Nand,
Co-founder and president, Creative Recreation


“The [employees] are fun; it’s a feel-good store. We’re very happy [doing business] with Isack. We hope to work with him for many years, and we wish him as much success in the future as he has had in the past.”

— Sonny Shar,
President, Pentland USA


“Isack and his team are more like family than a traditional retailer. Their unique approach to the business and out-of-the-box thinking keep customers, brands and friends coming back. It’s their mixture of evolution and nostalgia that makes Sportie LA such a compelling retailer. They have been a great curator for many brands, and we look forward to another 25 years.”

— Jeremy Davis,
Channel sales manager, New Balance Lifestyle


“Converse has thoroughly enjoyed the partnership we’ve had with Sportie LA for more than 20 years. We truly appreciate how much they look out for their customer. If a Converse style is performing well with other retailers but does not speak to the Sportie crowd, they will not book it. They know their customer well. The in-store experience is uniquely Sportie, and it is a pleasure to work with them.”
— Art Rogers,
VP of field sales, Converse


“We’ve been working with Sportie LA since before Isack could text. [The store] has been able to create its own identity and break out from a typical store. It has an energy in its selection and presentation. Sportie LA is a family of people and they make you feel like part of the family.”
— David Nichols,
EVP, K-Swiss


“Sportie is an L.A. institution and has been a destination for unique footwear for decades. I don’t know of any shop that gives you so much choice. They impart a sense of discovery to footwear shopping, which is what sneaker culture used to be all about. Sportie has stayed ahead of the curve by taking risks and providing a good selection from independent sneaker labels.”
— Sung Choi,
Founder and creative director, Clae


“I took Isack to London for our brand launch and we spent three days looking at the market and coming up with collaborative ideas. He was very willing to help, and that meant a lot to us both personally and professionally. He’s always maintained a good relationship with the brand, and that speaks to the way he plans his business. Isack and the [Sportie LA] team are like family. We wish him another 25 years of continued success.”
— Myles Levin,
Managing director, J Shoes


“[Our relationship] is pretty new because we just launched the Ball’n brand this year, but they’ve been very supportive. I love the energy and enthusiasm Isack brings as an owner. It’s similar to a team player who feeds off the coach, [where the] Sportie LA employees feed off Isack. We just love the vibe at [the store].”
— Rodney Jeter,
Founder and owner, Ball’n


“At Frye, we consider Sportie LA to be a great retail partner. We have a tremendous level of respect for the business they have built and what they represent in the industry. In 2004, we were honored to share the spotlight with Sportie LA when they were awarded ‘Retailer of the Year’ by Footwear News and Frye was recognized as ‘Brand of the Year.’ We had a wonderful time celebrating this incredible honor with their team.”
— Dave Moore,
SVP, The Frye Co.

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