Milestone: Fadlon’s 5 Faves

While Sportie LA has sold its share of kicks over the years, a handful of styles have been true game-changers. Here, Isack Fadlon weighs in on five of the store’s best sellers.

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

“It may be the most consistent shoe for us to date. It’s the one shoe that continues to be stylish as well. It has very little dip when styles changed, or even when the recession hit. It always fits in with the modern style and continues to do so today.”

Puma Suede
“When you look at that shoe and just look at the toe without any logo or insignia, that shoe is representative of the brand. All brands strive to have that type of silhouette that helps define them. I still think it speaks to who Puma is, even though they have developed other styles that have helped define Puma.”

Adidas Superstar
“You go back to the Run-DMC song [‘My Adidas’], and it is that one shoe that helped change the sneaker industry in the early 1990s, when there was another sneaker craze and it reignited the industry. It’s that clean shoe that has pizzazz and style. It helped start a sneaker revolution.”

Nike Air Jordan
“It is the basketball shoe. Every year when a new one would come out, the anticipation and excitement would be amazing. It’s a cultural phenomenon that continues to influence the marketplace.”

Reebok Freestyle
“The peak for this shoe really corresponded with the whole aerobics craze of the 1980s. It was almost like the Reebok Freestyle and aerobics were synonymous. The colors went with any type of leg-warmers you can imagine, and we had them in every color.”

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