Mariah Carey’s Good Taste

Even as motherhood rapidly approaches, Mariah Carey refuses to slow down.

After debuting a footwear collection with HSN in November, the songstress is gearing up to return to the cable spotlight on Feb. 11 to showcase her spring line. The new collection features six styles, including an ankle-wrap platform sandal, a T-strap pump and other warm-weather offerings. And similar to the first line, the spring shoes are adorned with rhinestones, jewels and butterflies, all part of Carey’s signature look.

Finding inspiration for the shoes came easily, Carey told Footwear News. “My life exists in public and in shoes,” she said. “I’ll build my outfit around the [footwear].”

And now, as her footwear selection has started to favor flats over stilettos by necessity, the mother-to-be said the shift could spark her next design project. “It’s making me really want a maternity line,” she said.


First concert: Michael Jackson. “I was addicted to listening to the radio, and Michael was always on. He [had] an amazing voice.”

Best vacation spot: Capri, Italy. “I go shopping a lot. There are really nice stores and gorgeous blue water.”

Funniest “Saturday Night Live” skit: “They did this skit about divas, and it was pretty funny. One of the girls [played] me, and there were [impersonations of] Celine Dion and Shania Twain.”

Go-to fashion accessories: “My wedding ring and a butterfly ring.”

Favorite duet partners: “I’ve made records with just about everybody. I just did a duet on my Christmas album with my mother, and a memorable event was working with Luciano Pavarotti. And for fun, I [loved] ‘Fantasy’ with Ol’ Dirty Bastard.”

Most enjoyable venue: “Performing at Madison Square Garden. I love New York. It’s my hometown.”

How I relax: “I love swimming, I love the beach and I love the water. I have to put on so much sunblock.”

Movie I can watch over and over:
“For a while it was ‘Mean Girls.’ I would quote it. Lately I watch ‘Bruno.’ It’s hilarious.”

Red carpet footwear picks: “Manolo [Blahnik] always does a fabulous red-carpet shoe, and I love YSL.”

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