Insider: Repetto’s New Collab… Designer Getaways…

Two Step
Repetto has a new pas de deux. The French ballet shoe brand is pairing up with artist John Derian to create an ultra-feminine flat for spring. “It’s completely Repetto, but completely John Derian,” Michael Flanagan, Repetto’s North American director, said about the classic style embellished with Derian’s floral print. He told Insider the brand was aiming to step away from fashion designer collaborations and experiment with artists from different types of media. “It was right in front of me,” said Flanagan, who frequents Derian’s East Village shop. “I was looking for someone who was an artist, U.S. based and had a strong brand with a luxury feel.” Derian, who designs and creates many of the home-décor accessories in his boutique, was also interested in trying something new. “I wanted to get my art out onto the streets,” Derian said. “Usually it goes into someone’s home, and I never see it again.” And, he said, he was confident he made the right choice with the pattern. “I knew right away I wanted to do this print,” he said. “It’s the most iconic imagery and the prettiest. I love pretty.”

Sailing Away
As summer draws closer, footwear designers are ready to exchange their heavy coats for swimwear and sun. And though it’s only April, designer Paul Mayer has just returned from his home away from home — the luxurious Royal Hawaiian resort on Waikiki. “I go to recharge my batteries,” he said. Mayer has vacationed at the hotel — referred to as the “Pink Palace of the Pacific” for its pink and black façade — for the last 30 years, and he’s taken away more than just a tan and seashells. “The pink and black architecture inspired all my branding,” he said, referring to his logo and shoeboxes, and even the strawberry-and-chocolate macaroons he served at a recent New York preview.

Fashion-comfort designer Thierry Rabotin has also been dreaming of some fun in the sun, as he preps for a five-week summer getaway to his favorite Greek island, Tinos. “It’s not very touristy,” said Rabotin, who was in New York last week to meet with customers at his flagship store. He noted the location is perfect for indulging in creative activities beyond footwear design. “Photography and painting are passions of mine,” Rabotin said. “A positive energy infuses the island. It’s very calm with the wind and sea. It has a creative ambience.”

Elaine Turner, however, just couldn’t wait to get moving on her vacation plans. After staying put during spring break, Turner and her hubby and business partner, Jim, plan to pack up for Easter and head to Alys Beach on Florida’s Emerald Coast. “It’s modern-tropical,” she said of the town, which features architecture reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Turns out the trip could also be good for business. “The brand is inspired by seaside living and destinations,” she said of her collection of handbags and shoes.

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