Fashion Forward: Kirkwood, Trump, Goodman & More

Designers reveal what’s in store for 2011.

Georgina Goodman

Looking forward to: “Showing at FN Platform in Vegas for the first time this year.”

Wish for 2011:“To see my shoes on some exciting new shop floors.”

Top trend: “Gold shades, in subtly textured materials, will be the new neutrals.”

Dos and Don’ts: “I say do stay true to yourself and don’t let anyone else dictate your style.”

2011 muse: “I am inspired by all women. I think women are amazing.”

Ivanka Trump

Top trend: “Mid heels — it’s the resounding chorus I hear from my Facebook and Twitter fans, friends and family.”

Wish for 2011: “2011 will be a time to establish my brand in the industry. The initial response from the launch has been so enthusiastic. I want to continue that momentum.”

Looking forward to: “Exciting projects in the real estate space — on both the acquisition and development front. I will also be launching handbags and outerwear.”

Dos and Don’ts: “It may sound trite, but be true to yourself and know what works for you, in life and in your wardrobe. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone who puts on airs or is uncomfortable in their own skin, outfit or shoes.”

2011 muse: “The collection is designed to appeal to every woman; however, the inspiration truly stems from my day-to-day needs. To keep the aesthetic consistent and true to the brand, I don’t need to look far — I’m my own best litmus.”



Nicholas Kirkwood

Wish for 2011: “To have a holiday sometime this year as my last one was in 2007.”

Looking forward to: “Opening my first retail shop in London early this year.”

Top trend: “A more feminine and refined silhouette.”

Dos and Don’ts: “Do: Get healthier. Don’t: Be complacent.”

2011 muse: “She hasn’t been discovered as of yet.”

Raphael Young

2011 Muse: “I haven’t found her yet. But it’s probably better that way. I keep idealizing the perfect woman.”

Wish for 2011: “I’m an eternally unsatisfied person, so my motto is more — more retailers, more customers, more media coverage, more collaborations and more love.”

Looking forward to: “Love, success and fun are always on top of the list. I also want to show the people who believe in the brand and support me that this is worthwhile.”

Top trend: “I don’t know about the top trend in general, but as far as I’m concerned, my next collection will be neo-vintage.”

Dos and Don’ts: “Easy one — do make love and do not make war. And when it comes to fashion, do create your own style, do not copy.”

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