Challenge 4: Judges’ Verdict

Who Advances:

Rachel Fishbein (THE WINNER)
Fishbein wowed the judges with her patent-and-sequin platform shootie. “It’s very rock ’n’ roll and sexy,” Fergie said, adding that she could picture herself pairing the shoe with a short dress, or jeans and a T-shirt. “This says ‘I’m edgy but fancy.’” While Fergie commended Fishbein for clearly communicating her brand’s message, Tony Pelle complimented her for creating a look with seasonal staying power. “It’s a good shoe that would [sell] from September through the holidays,” he said. “The idea of sequins is [fun], and it’s great for fall.” But it wasn’t all rave reviews. Brandon Holley questioned whether the shoe best showcased Fergie’s presence and personality.

Keena Fleming
Fleming’s penchant for artistic and fashion-forward looks won her points with the judges, who applauded her zipper and stud-embellished platform sandal. “When I first saw this, I [thought], ‘This girl gets me,’” Fergie said. For Holley, the unique silhouette, including the exaggerated toe and ankle strap, boosted the appeal. “This could be a great shoe for Lucky,” she said. Though the judges were impressed overall, Pelle wondered whether a broad audience would embrace the shoe. “I like that she talked about making it affordable with the plastic hardware, [but] it might have a limited demographic geographically,” he said. “It looks great, but is it for the masses?”

Who Goes:

Matthew Ciszek
Despite winning the previous three challenges, the judges unanimously agreed that Cizsek’s faux fur-lined lace-up shootie wasn’t the best fit for the Fergalicious mix. “It was a very safe attempt, the safest of the bunch,” Michael Atmore said, noting that the Fergie consumer expects a little more pizzazz. While Fergie applauded Ciszek’s attention to detail, she questioned whether the embellishments best captured her aesthetic. “The first thing I wrote was ‘masculine,’” she said. “Does it scream me? I don’t know.” Still, Pelle said, the look would likely perform well on the floor. “It’s very on trend for fall,” he said of the lug-sole bottom.

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