Challenge 3: Judges’ Verdict

Who Advances:

Matthew Ciszek (THE WINNER)
Ciszek is on a roll. Securing his third challenge win in a row, he impressed the judges with an unpredictable bridal pump in black and cream leather. “The back isn’t [smooth], and I found that very interesting,” Vera Wang said of the ruched heel. “[But] the front in white still gives it a sense of wedding-ness.” While the judges applauded Ciszek’s design, they questioned whether the closed toe would be appropriate for a Puerto Rico wedding. “It’s a little bit heavy,” Michael Atmore said. 

Keena Fleming
Fleming’s risky move to create an all-black bridal shoe with sheer ankle tie drew mixed opinions from the judges, who praised the fashion-forward look but were confused by the color. “I love the idea of this shoe. It’s very modern, but if it were ivory, it’d be more of a success,” Wang said. While bride Elizabeth Aguilar agreed the wrap detail upped the fashion, she questioned its functionality. “How will it stay on my foot all night?” she asked. “I don’t want to be bending over to re-tie the shoe while I’m dancing.”

Rachel Fishbein
Taking cues from the traditional, Fishbein presented a satin and beaded sandal the judges agreed missed the mark. “It’s a beautiful wedding shoe, but I’ve seen it before,” Aguilar said, noting she wants to wear something unique on her big day. Wang, meanwhile, said the beading, which she worried would be rough on the skin, failed to give the shoe a high-fashion boost. “This was the least imaginative,” she said. “This shoe kind of brings it down. It doesn’t have the couture feeling of the dress.”

Who Goes:

Shannon Ramiza
Though the judges appreciated Ramiza’s attempt to capture romance with delicate lace, they couldn’t overlook the combination of black against the stark white satin. “It looked a little cheap, and the white was completely off,” Atmore said. While Aguilar, who got a peek at the contestants’ sketches during a surprise visit to FIT, said she had been most excited to see Ramiza’s shoe, the final look didn’t live up to her expectations. “There’s too much going on,” she said. “I want a statement shoe, [but there has to be] a focal point.”

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