Challenge 2: Shopping Spree

Challenge two tested how quickly the contestants could think — and move — on their feet.

Their first task was to gather at the Long Island City School of Ballet to take a rigorous class and experience what it’s like to give their feet a real beating.

“I’ve never had to do anything like that before, and having to do the jumps and spins was fun,” said Matthew Ciszek. “I was tired after 10 minutes. I can’t imagine having to do it for six hours.”

But learning how to chassé, plié and relevé was just the beginning. Once the contestants were warmed up, Michael Atmore popped by to throw in a twist in their assignment.

Not only would the contestants be required to design an aesthetically pleasing rocker-botton shoe that a ballet dancer would like to wear after a hard day in the studio, but they would have to build their looks primarily out of reusable goods.

The contestants headed to Materials for the Arts, a city facility that provides creative supplies to arts and community organizations.

And with little time to plan a design, the students were set loose for a seven-minute shopping spree through rows of Christmas tree ornaments, microwave ovens, carpet samples, rolls of wallpaper and thousands of other miscellaneous items. “I felt like I was in a track race,” Ramiza said. “If it was colorful and shiny, it went in my bin.”

Once time was up, the contestants took stock of their materials and carefully picked what would work best for their designs.

The rest of the challenge was decidedly more low-key, as everyone returned to FIT to begin creating their rocker-bottom looks and get that much closer to becoming the next FN Shoe Star.

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