Arts & Tannery Previews Fall ’12

Members of the Italian Leather System Consortium, exhibiting at Arts & Tannery show in New York this week, highlighted four new trend directions for fall/winter ’12: Jurassic Mood, Work Attitude, Classic Suggestions and Remutating Flair.

JURASSIC MOOD takes inspiration from the rough skin surfaces of dinosaurs and the textured imprints left by early vegetation and animals in prehistoric fossils. Examples include Tuscania Industria Conciaria’s metallic croco print and Gemini’s oversized crocodile print. This ancient influence focuses on rough, yet precious metal surfaces.

WORK ATTITUDE incorporates elements found in everyday construction sites — including shiny steel beams, pipes and even wire — into the season’s textured leathers. For example, Pellegrini Group offers a textured steel metallic. Color-wise, sand and cement create a neutral palette. Bright yellows and oranges found in construction site barriers or road signs add contrast, such as New Pelli’s safety yellow.

CLASSIC SUGGESTIONS evoke a sense of status and wealth, evident in brilliant surfaces that shimmer and shine, much like Pellegrini Group’s regal red and gold metallic geometric design. There are precious, compact textures that evoke a sense of romanticism. Purples, reds and blues create a regal color scheme, inspired by the art of Renaissance painters. Gemini’s romantic swirls in purple and blue illustrate this trend.

REMUTATING FLAIR puts the focus on materials and processes that give old things new life. Abstract surfaces are created by using recycled materials, and leathers are intertwined in a primitive manner, while a vintage crocheted blanket becomes a leather pattern. For instance, Vesta created a paint-splattered patent leather, and MB3 showed a retro swirl effect on black patent.

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