Women’s Spring Predictions

“The military influence that carried over from fall will still be very strong because it translates very well for spring. People are ready to take it in a more feminine direction — not so heavy and not so dark. Everybody is talking about Africa, and it also says a lot about the colors. Generally, suppliers have been showing neutral colors mixed with a pop of extra bright. Also, there will be attention to ornaments. It’s not the studs anymore; it’s something a little more tribal.”
— Fabiana Rigamoni, co-designer

Australia Luxe Collection
“Footwear trends and demands for spring are very much still geared toward comfort and ease. Trends are still calling for a spring/summer boot that is lightweight and playful. Collaborations are also still a huge influence for the consumer who loves knowing that they can choose a limited-edition design from the luxury brands.”
— Nicole Durand, owner and creative director

Rough Justice
“Overall, you will see bright, bold colors, block colors, animal prints, extreme metallics, khaki colors and safari-brown tones. Cork wedges, low-heel wedges and platform stilettos [will continue]. For themes, still army, bohemian looks, electric color combinations, such as bright-pink with blues, fun bejeweled sandals and sandals that are slouchy, laser-cut, open-toe and on heels.”
— Bodo Loerke, co-founder

“Beads are definitely picking up. All kinds of beadwork — mixed sizes, shapes and colors — [are on many styles]. The mixed-medium look, including beadwork, is combining other textures, such as wovens. Who doesn’t love a little embellishment?”
— Scott Sessa, president

Sam Edelman
“Moving forward for spring, we feel strongly about clean, modern, feminine fashion. It’s ankle boots, wedges, printed espadrilles, peep-toe platforms — all with classic, American influences such as sexy suede fringe and mixed materials. Cork, leather and canvas [are being] reinvented with contemporary details.”
— Sam Edelman, president

All Black
“One important trend to watch is the search for just the right heel height. Young women are beginning to understand that the highest heels are not necessarily the most comfortable or the best for their feet. Another trend will be the return to the favorite ballet flat. For a while, young women were moving away from flats, but it seems they are moving back [to them]. So the challenge is to make them more interesting and unusual, so that young women see the fashion statement and can enjoy the comfort as well. From a fashion viewpoint, the trend toward retro styles and a focus on the 1940s and 1950s for design inspiration is still on the move. We like to look backward to see how we should look forward.”
— Marty Rose, agent and distributor

Mojo Moxy
“Trends from the 1950s to present-day [will create] one very unique look of femininity. Colorations will become much more muted with softer greens, purples, blues and pinks in dressier styles, while brights will continue to be important in more leisure-inspired styles. Clogs with wood bottoms will begin taking the place of boots this spring. The wedge will become much more dressy by nature, with very wide straps and additional comfort features. There will be very soft leathers in neutrals such as sand, gray and white, but also with the muted shades of lilac, green and pink. And flats will continue to be more important.”
— Ron Owens, president

Velvet Angels
“I see the use of textiles. We are going to see a lot of jutes, linens, satins and various meshes. Artisanal and handcrafted looks are also going to be big, especially woven, braided and intricately cut leathers and handcrafted-looking beads. Neutrals will remain on trend with a focus on skin-tone colorways that can be worn with just about anything, giving the consumer the most bang for their buck. I see major pop colors being teal and various berry shades.”
— Christine Faler, brand director

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