Street Talk: What to Pack

Tourists visiting New York in the blustery winter months often turn to warm boots, simple flats and comfy sneakers when sightseeing in downtown Manhattan. But that’s not to say everything they pack in their suitcases is practical. Footwear News recently visited Battery Park to talk with tourists lining up for a trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and found that stilettos, high-heeled booties and designer flats rounded out the mix for those looking to hit the restaurant and bar scene.

1. Kelly Patel, 27
Residence: Phoenix
Wearing: Coach sneakers
Favorite brand: Doesn’t have one
In my suitcase: Sneakers and boots
Packing logic: “I wanted something to keep me warm.”

2. Jackie Downing, 22
Residence: Melbourne, Australia
Wearing: Western-style boots from Macy’s
Favorite brands: Open to all
In my suitcase: Mostly flip-flops and flats
Packing logic: Downing planned to hit the shops during her trip, so she brought along shoes she could toss. “Flats are cheap, and I could throw [those] out if I don’t have enough room.”

3. Sarah Boreham, 36
Residence: East Anglia, England
Wearing: Timberland boots
Favorite brands: Timberland, Ugg
In my suitcase: Boots and a pair of ballet-inspired heels
Packing logic: “[My boyfriend said] I wasn’t allowed to pack any more [than that].”

4. Laura Tippler, 19

Residence: Liverpool, England
Wearing: Tall leather boots
Favorite brands: Faith, Aldo, Office
In my suitcase: Two pairs of tall boots, one pair of booties and a pair of pumps
Packing logic: “I need flat shoes for comfort when I’m walking, and the pumps I [wore on the flight].”

5. Brianna Seitz, 23

Residence: Atlanta
Wearing: Ugg boots
Favorite brands: Tory Burch, Chanel
In my suitcase: Ugg and Chanel flats
Packing logic: “I brought my Uggs
because it’s cold here and they’re comfortable for walking around a lot. And my Chanel flats are for a nice dinner out.”

6. Sarah Berner, 21
Residence: Cologne, Germany
Wearing: Tall, leather boots
Favorite brand: Görtz
In my suitcase: High heels, ballet flats and a pair of boots
Packing logic: Ballet flats were handy for the Florida portion of Berner’s vacation, and “high heels are for going out at night.”

7. Martine Castoro, 47
Residence: Laguna Beach, Calif.
Wearing: “[Snow boots] from the 1980s.”
Favorite brands: Louis Vuitton, Chanel
In my suitcase: “Lots of boots and legwarmers.”
Packing logic: “Warmth. We heard it was going to be freezing here.”

8. Stephanie Hung, 24

Residence: Bay Area, Calif.
Wearing: Tall, tan boots
Favorite brands: Steve Madden, Nine West, Converse
In my suitcase: Boots and Converse sneakers
Packing logic: “[Sneakers] are the most comfortable to walk in.”

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