Street Talk: Sneaker Con

The lines were out the door for last Saturday’s Sneaker Con in New York, the third edition of the celebration of all things sneaker. According to organizer Yu-Ming Wu, more than 1,000 sneaker fans flocked to Manhattan’s Sullivan Street to buy, trade and ogle some of the most sought-after kicks around. Sponsored by New York retailer Dr. Jay’s and by Adidas Originals, the meetup featured 40 vendors hawking their wares, as well as an exclusive look at rare Kaws toys from the private collection of Lev Levarek from Toy Tokyo. Footwear News caught up with some of the sneakerheads in attendance to find out what they were wearing, what they were selling and what brought them to the Con.

Robert Tenezaca, 19
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Selling: Autographed Livestrong x Mr. Cartoon Air Force Ones
Why are you selling? “I’m looking for $500. I got them from a friend for $300, but they weren’t autographed when I got them. And they’re my size, so I’m not sure I want to sell them.”

Jim Aguirre, 20
Queens, N.Y.
Why are you selling? “I just need to get rid of some [of my collection].”

Ryan Perry, 13
New York
Wearing: Supreme x Nike Dunk High SB. “I looked for these for a long time.”

Brendan Seems, 17
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Why are you selling? “I need cash!”

Coujahmar Davis, 18
Rockland County, N.Y.
Are you looking to trade? “Nope. I want all of these [shoes] gone. I need money for school.”

Jasmine Hernandez, 18 months (with mom Jessica Lopez)
New Jersey
A sneakerhead yet? “It’s her first sneaker event, but she’s getting into it!” said Lopez.

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