Street Talk: Men’s Night Looks

When Saturday evening hits, young guys in New York head straight to their favorite bar or club. What are these night owls wearing? Footwear News canvassed Soho to find out, and discovered that men are pairing high-end denim with athletic looks, and their brand choices vary from Vans to Christian Dior.

1. Michael, 22
Residence: New Jersey
Favorite going-out shoe: “Usually loafers, but sometimes oxfords, both by To Boot New York.”
The complete look: “I keep it simple. Dark or raw denim Levi’s and a plain T-shirt. Or I might wear a fitted-collar shirt from Marc by Marc [Jacobs] or Club Monaco.”
Shopping spots: “I shop at a lot of different places, from department stores to vintage stores.”

2. David, 19
Residence: New York
Favorite going-out shoe: “It depends on the night. If I’m going to a more casual bar or just hanging out, I throw on my Converse sneakers. But if I go to a nicer bar or a club, I always wear my dark-brown Prada loafers.”
The complete look: “I’m not very complicated. I usually wear Seven or Rock & Republic dark jeans and a T-shirt.”
Shopping spots: “I’ve collected T-shirts over the years, so I don’t know where I buy them. They kind of just appear.”

3. Jared, 23
Residence: New York
Favorite going-out shoe: “Slip-on sneakers, anything comfortable, usually Vans.”
The complete look: “Typically, I wear jeans and a T-shirt. I don’t have one brand, but I buy American Apparel.”
Shopping spots: “No favorites.”

4. Richard, 26

Residence: New York
Favorite going-out shoe: “My go-to is Sperry Top-Sider. They look great no matter where I end up by the end of the night.”
The complete look: “Classic is always better. I wouldn’t say I have a particular outfit I always wear, but I like a more traditional look and everything has to fit well.”
Shopping spot: “I’m wearing all J.Crew right now. I love it [there]. I get my Sperrys there, along with all my other clothes.”

5. Michael, 24
Residence: New York
Favorite going-out shoe: “I always wear high-top sneakers when I go out, only Marc Jacobs, though.”
The complete look: “Mostly jeans and any shirt without sleeves.”
Shopping spots: “American Apparel. And, of course, I go to Marc Jacobs for my high-tops.”

6. Walter, 24
Residence: New York
Favorite going-out shoe: “That’s easy: I wear Dior high-tops all the time.”
The complete look: “Probably some crisp jeans from Marc Jacobs and a button-down shirt, either Burberry or Dior.”
Shopping spots: “I usually stick to Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s. They always have what I’m looking for: Dior, Marc Jacobs and Burberry.”

7. Lewis, 24
Residence: New York
Favorite going-out shoe: “These amazing Kenneth Cole suede, cap-toe oxfords.”
The complete look: “I always end up in my Kenneth Coles — no socks — with cuffed skinny Levi’s and a button-down.”
Shopping spots: J.Crew, All Saints, Club Monaco

8. Brandon, 21
Residence: New York
Favorite going-out shoe: “At night, I always wear my brown Gucci loafers with gold on them, and then I decide what else to wear depending on where I’m going.”
The complete look: “It depends, but a lot of the time I end up in J.Crew skinny jeans and a white T-shirt.”
Shopping spots: “Urban Outfitters for basics, and I love J.Crew and American Apparel.”

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