Shop Talk: Florsheim Pops Up

If all goes well, Florsheim’s first pop-up shop in Soho could become permanent and be a model for future buildouts. The store opened on Sept. 17 and will remain until February. The new concept, designed by Odin coowners Paul Birardi and Eddy Chai, is meant to offer a new platform to showcase select items from the Florsheim, Florsheim Limited and Florsheim by Duckie Brown collections. “We’ve evolved the Florsheim brand to the point where we felt we needed a new environment to show it in,” said Tom Florsheim Jr., chairman and CEO of parent company Weyco Group Inc. “We’ve tweaked our Florsheim store design, but we haven’t done anything that’s a major conceptual change. This is a major change in the look of the store.” Florsheim added that the pop-up takes a new approach to product merchandising by dedicating more wall space to each shoe, displaying it as a piece of artwork in a clean, uncluttered environment. The store also features exposed stock shelves and vintage photos of Florsheim stores that date back to the turn of the century. After all that work, will Florsheim really exit the pop-up in February? “Our initial intent was to do it for six months. But if it’s successful, we could end up staying.”

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